Set Up a DIY Photo Booth

In a few simple steps, you can set up the best-ever DIY photo booth for wedding receptions, birthday parties, graduations, and all kinds of events. There are a few basic items you'll need, including an iPad photo booth app. When you're done, guests will be able to walk up, see a live preview, and tap the screen to create awesome GIFs, photo strips, and more.

Do it yourself photo booth

1. Acquire the Photo Booth App

Most photo booth apps are made for a few personal photos at home. At live events, attendees expect an actual photo booth to work intuitively, deliver high-quality pics, and reset after every photo. Simple Booth HALO® app was built just for this purpose, starting at $29 for one month. It can run flawlessly for hours at live events and comes with modern features like adding digital photo booth props, backdrops, and frames to every picture. It's basically everything you need!

Participants can choose a filter and then get their photo by text, email, QR code, or print. Plus, you can see new photos appear in real-time with the online gallery or Live Feed. Guests might actually believe that you rented a professional photo booth!

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HALO Simple Booth®

Simple Booth HALO®

2. Install the iPad

You'll construct your DIY photo booth with an iPad case on a stand, raised to about chest level.

For the stand, you can either use a basic tripod or a light stand. We recommend an extra tall light stand with a sturdy riser that will reduce wobble when people touch the iPad screen. Shorter light stands may be too thin to properly support the case.

For plenty of light, select an iPad case that can attach a battery-powered LED light panel. Two products that work together for this are this case with the Neewer Light.

Case Neewer Light Ball Head Mount Stand

Want a high-quality photo booth you can re-use with an amazing ring light? Take a look at our HALO hardware.

3. Bring the Backdrop

Your photo booth backdrop is a great opportunity to get creative! Hang strings of lights, decorate with fresh flowers, or order a custom neon sign to really impress your guests.

Keeping it simple can be just as classy. Any plain, white, or brick wall will look fantastic. A roll of seamless colored paper can work wonders for the camera if you're short on options.

Our favorite photo booth trick is to simply point the camera into the party and turn on animated GIFs. You might catch people dancing or a hilarious photo bomb, which is always entertaining. After all, aren't photo booths all about fun and capturing memories?

Seamless Paper

4. Procure the Printer (optional)

To get vintage photo strips, HALO can print to any AirPrint printer and even formats two 2x6 strips onto a 4x6 sheet for double the fun. Cut down the middle so your guest can take a copy and keep the other for your wedding album or memory scrapbook!

No prints? No problem. The HALO photo booth app easily sends photos by text message, email, and QR scan.

Epson PM-400 Trimmer

5. Prepare to Party

The "hard work" of making your own homemade photo booth is done. Wait, did you just start five minutes ago? Enjoy the moment and take a crazy selfie yourself. We can't promise everything in life will be this simple.

For bonus fun, Simple Booth includes a free library of themes and virtual photo booth props. Pick your favorite theme design, throw on some digital mustaches, hats, boas, wigs, or glasses, and have some fun! 🥳

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