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App Feature Analytics & Reporting

Our business analytics suite is built for marketers who need to run and track multiple campaigns. You can analyze performance with metrics like number of participants, social shares, view counts, and demographic data.

Social sharing data symbols

Marketing Data

We track share button clicks, views, and more for every photo in your gallery so you can see how much online engagement you're generating.

Facebook Integration

We check how many comments, shares, and reactions each unique upload URL receives on Facebook and aggregate it for you by gallery.

Location-based Data

Are you deploying across multiple locations? We'll map it out for you show you where your photos are coming from.


We use machine learning to estimate basic demographic data so you can analyze your audience and see who is responding to your marketing campaign.

More Features

App Features

Galleries Your online gallery is like a dedicated social feed for your photo booth. Lead Capture Collect contact information such as email address, phone number, name, date of birth, and more. Green Screen Replace the background with your own exciting options. Brand Touchpoints Customize the experience to match your brand and promote your business. Analytics See how your activation is performing in terms of sharing, engagement, and more. Live Feed™ Display an exciting, real-time grid of images on any screen with the press of a button. Digital Props Fun graphics that follow the face. Choose from our free library or create your own.

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