What is a selfie station?

A selfie station is a designated area to take photos. Typically it also refers to a camera kiosk that captures the photo and guide participants through sharing on social media with branded hashtags. Often, selfie stations include value-added features like include LED lighting, a photo backdrop, and special effects.

Selfie stations are like modern photo booths and come in a variety of forms, such as on a stand, mounted to a wall, and even circular selfie platforms that the camera rotates for a 360° video. These selfie machines can be rented for events or purchased directly by a business to brand images, inspire user-generated content, and increase their presence on social media.

The photos are almost always free to encourage participation and social sharing. Consumers have fun using selfie stations which results in a win-win for participants and the event sponsor, business, or organization that provides it.

Cost per hour of selfie station rental

How much does a selfie station rental cost?

An average selfie station rental costs $300 to $400 per hour.

Selfie stations are typically rented by purchasing a package with a certain number of hours and features. The price for these packages varies by region and service provider. The more hours you rent for, the less it typically costs per hour.

Expect the highest selfie station prices on holidays and in metro areas like New York City or Los Angeles. Discounts can be found for multi-day or multi-unit photo booth rentals, but the cost in these cases quickly adds up to more than the cost of purchasing a selfie station.

Selfie station in a boutique store with floral backdrop Participant using a selfie station

Key factors to consider are the number of hours, camera quality, lighting, customization options like design, overall presentation, professionalism, and availability of add-ons.

Popular add-ons include prints, upgraded props, green screens, or an on-site attendant to engage with participants. Percfect additions are also digital props or masks, marketing tools like lead capture, or a social media report on how many photos were shared.

Anyone can take a photo on their phone, so what you are really paying for is a setup that will provide a premium photo booth experience. Budgeting a little more for your selfie booth rental will often pay off with better service and features for a more fun and engaging experience.

Make sure to understand the exact service you are getting when renting a selfie station. Ask for examples of the photos that your specific rental unit will produce to understand photo quality. A video demo is another helpful way to ensure the experience fits your needs.

Renting a selfie station

"Anyone can take a photo on their phone, so what you are really paying for is a setup that will provide a premium user experience."

Comparing options to purchase a selfie station

How much does it cost to buy a selfie station?

Purchasing a selfie station or photo booth typically costs $2,500 to $5,000. Many selfie stations include a stand, LED light, touch screen tablet, and one or more transport cases. The most popular selfie stations run on an iPad. The quality of construction and assembly required varies greatly between different models.

The style of stand is an important choice, since it determines how easily the selfie station can be set up or moved. Some larger stands require separate cases to transport.

People interacting with a selfie station People interacting with a selfie station

What about

One of the most important choices when purchasing a selfie station is the software to run it. Most selfie stations require a software subscription to operate and include features like a web dashboard to manage settings, online galleries to host photos, text message photo delivery, and more. Software and apps vary greatly in terms of ease-of-use, user experience, and to what extent they can be customized to your needs.

There are selfie station apps available for one-time purchase but they usually have very limited features, which presents a challenge to use for business purposes or compete effectively in the rental market.

Selfie station photos Selfie station photos

It's a great time to buy a selfie station 🎉

The market for selfie stations has exploded in recent years with more options, styles, and features available than ever before. At the same time, consumers are excited for in-person experiences and eager to rent selfie stations for events.

Selfie stations are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. They provide entertainment value while also capturing timeless memories. The selfie industry has plenty of room for new startups and is primed for rapid growth.

Now is the time to make a move!

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