How to create a selfie wall for your business

Every day, over 27 million posts are shared on social media. With Millennials driving the economy and Gen Z tethered to their devices, that number is only going up. In today's competitive environment, it's essential to offer in-person experiences that create an opportunity to become part of the online conversation.

One way to guarantee social shares is with a selfie wall. Selfie walls are designated zones with attractive backdrops or wall murals for people to take and share photos. These photo areas are growing in popularity because they are fun for consumers and beneficial to businesses. Creating a successful selfie wall can be a huge win that pays off for many years.

Selfie Wall

Here's how to make a selfie wall in 3 simple steps:

1. Find a beautiful backdrop

Give your customers a reason to take selfies with some awesome wall art. Your selfie wall backdrop should reflect your brand and be fun for people to pose and engage with. Get creative so customers will rave about your selfie wall online and share their photos with your hashtag.

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2. Location, location, location

Is there an area where customers already take selfies? Where do you have the most foot traffic? What do people see first when they walk in? Find a prominent spot to place your selfie wall so that it can't be missed. When people see others having fun and taking photos, they'll be inspired to get in line and take theirs next. If possible, pick a location with natural light for the most flattering photos.

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3. Supercharge the selfie

Not all selfies are worthy of sharing. Poor lighting, blurry images, or spotty Wi-Fi from casual photos can all prevent a social share. With a designated selfie wall, you have the opportunity to get ahead of these issues by installing a selfie station.

A selfie station gives people the freedom to pose hands-free, adds branding to the images, and guides users through the sharing process with your hashtag. Selfie stations also draw people in with LED lighting, on-screen prompts, and other value-added features.

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An awesome selfie wall allows customers to connect with your brand in a fun, authentic way. Adding the right selfie station can mean better, high-quality, and more consistent photos to represent your business on social media. The reward? More shares, positive reviews, and lots of smiles.

Simple Booth® makes fun and easy-to-use products for selfie walls.

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