Alumna coached scholars to prepare for APS life and new challenges.

Covid-19 forced a sudden and unexpected change in the study and living environment of current APS students (APS 13 & 14). Since March all classes at APS have been conducted online, with students participating from their respective homes. In addition, students have had their social interactions severely limited. This has compounded the challenges for students, right in the middle of their transformative APS journey.

In June 2020, Aya Terasawa (APS 6) facilitated online life coaching sessions with APS Batch 13 and 14 scholars. Aya provided the individual and group coaching sessions to APS13 and a prepared the APS 14 for new challenges ahead. Key activities included goal-setting, stress management and active listening. Based on the feedback, the majority of the participants found the session meaningful and useful in their APS journey. They likewise appreciated the opportunity to connect and interact with their batchmates.

The APS Alumni Network thanks Aya for her effective support in the activity’s design and implementation. Aya joined the APS Batch 6 and obtained her M.A. in International Law and Human Rights in UPEACE. After graduation, she joined Bridge Asia Japan and, later, led the IT start-up company TEAMFLOW.