APS calls for application- 2019

Asian Peacebuilders Scholarship (APS) officials and alumni boosted promotions across Asia.

Maya Mizuno, APS Programme Coordinator at the University for Peace (UPEACE), visited Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Japan to conduct a series of information seminars and promotional meetings about APS from May 9 to 28, 2019. A total of one hundred twenty (120) people, including representatives from Education Ministries, United Nations agencies, local and international non-governmental organizations, and local universities, attended the activities.

These promotional events will not be possible without the APS alumni from Southeast Asia who willingly shared their experiences and gave assistance on logistics and public relations. “APS extends its sincere thanks to APS alumni – Istie, Sorang, Ricardo, Nova, Mon, Cheytoath Lim, Sreysros, Nhung, Thao Ly, Pham Thi Hong Khuyen, Binh, Rujinin “Dream” Palahan, and Opor Srisuwan for their invaluable support,” Ms. Mizuno gratefully said.

In Tokyo, Dr. Juan Carlos Sainz-Borgo, Dean of UPEACE, and Clarissa Cecilia R. Mijares-Ramos, APS Program Coordinator at Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU), introduced the APS academic programme to potential candidates in an information seminar held at the Nippon Foundation Building. Four Japanese alumni – Momoko Higa (APS 9), Rika Mitsuhashi (APS 10), Miki Nagaharu (APS 11) and Hideki Osugi (APS 11) – also shared their personal stories and gave practical advice about the application process and APS life.

In June, Mrs. Mijares-Ramos continued the promotional series at an Education Fair in Yangon, Myanmar. APS alumni, Phat Nguyen (APS 10) and Tri Le (APS 10), also initiated information seminars about the APS programme in three (3) different cities of Southern Vietnam from June to July of this year.

APS offers a dual Master of Arts degree programme to be completed in two prestigious universities, AdMu and UPEACE. Beginning March 2020, the AdMU academic curriculum will be changed from M.A. Political Science (Global Politics) to M.S. Sociology and Anthropology (Social and International Development). The new curriculum offers multidisciplinary courses covering various themes such as peace, human rights, and sustainable development. 

APS Batch 14 students will be the first Cohort under the new AdMU curriculum. The selection process will begin in September 2019 and final candidates will be determined by the end of October 2019. For more information about the programme offerings, please click here. (The APS Batch 14 application is already closed.