APSAN Secretariat


APS 11, Philippines 

Gelie is a practicing human rights lawyer, a law lecturer, and a fellow of the Global Bertha Justice Initiative. In 2018, she completed her dual Master of Arts degree in International Law and Human Rights (UPEACE) and in Political Science major in Global Politics (ADMU) as part of the APS Cohort 11. She also works in the areas of peace and human rights education, gender justice and youth empowerment. She is currently the editor of the APSAN newsletter and the representative of the Media and Outreach workgroup of the APSAN Secretariat.


APS 5, Philippines 

Jamila is founder of Women Empowered to Act for Dialogue and Peace in Mindanao and a current fellow of the Salzburg Global Seminar. She teaches Philippine and Mindanao history and actively promotes Silsilah’s Culture of Dialogue as a Path to Peace. Jamila has been working on peacebuilding and interreligious dialogue in Mindanao for over nineteen years. She holds M.A. in Gender and Peacebuilding, and M.A. in Mindanao Studies. She is currently the representative of the Alumni led initiatives and career development workgroup of the APSAN Secretariat.


APS 11, Myanmar

Bosco works as ‘a youth, peace and security expert’ and as ‘the program manager of Search for Common Ground Myanmar’. He is working to connect the community voices to peace talk stakeholders both vertically and horizontally. Similarly, to increase the youth and women participation in the peace process, he is advocating and part time lecturing about Comprehensive peace process and Civilians led peace process. He holds M.A in International Peace Studies (UPEACE) and M.A in Political Sciences. Bosco is currently the representative of APSAN Management of Alumni Database and Events.