APSAN - Who we are.

We will always go all the way and constantly strive towards Excellence

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APSAN - What we stand for.

We will always offer services that stand the test of time

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APSAN - Our Values

We are driven by our passion for the well of our people and society

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APSAN - What we belief

We are know for our accountability and proven christian and moral standards

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Association of Public Service Auditors of Nigeria is a Non-Governmental, Non-Partisan Association of Auditors working with Local Governments, State and Federal Government as Civil Servant in Nigeria.

Corporate Mission

To repair and comfort challenged individuals across the nation for better living.

Corporate Vision

To provide support through quality programming systems for youths and families mentoring, counselling, to bridge the breach in families and the community, as a means of restoring moral values and structure.

Core Values

We are an organization dedicated to strong moral values. The need to repair, comfort and empower individuals and families is the core of what drives us as an organization. This has us as an organization projecting the reorientation of minds patterned of strong value systems.


The days internal auditors in Federal Government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) get away with complicity in fraud and other financial malfeasance perpetrated in their agencies are now over, as government is prepared to make them answer for their misdeeds while serving or even after retirement.

The Accountant General of the Federation gave the warning, at the flag off of the inaugural training workshop for internal auditors on the implementation of forensic auditing in the MDAs. He also identified internal auditors as the prime culprits in the large scale corruption in Nigeria’s public service.

Internal auditors are responsible for ensuring that corporate processes and associated controls are functioning as intended, while also improving efficiency to save money for establishments through effective resource allocation. As a result, auditors are regarded as being complicit to corruption in an organisation, as such activities cannot thrive if they are dedicated to their duty.



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